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Ai:un:korn Ascension Ritual

Felice Zhukov

1-7 October 2016


The unicorn has passed into dust.Now in this final ritual we will praise its life.

arebyteLASER is pleased to present the closing chapter of Univulva, a performance series by Felice Zhukov.


Ai:un:korn Ascension Ritual forms part of a larger set piece, which involves selling the artists oeuvre on eBay. The unicorn’s funeral will consist of three tiers; invited guests will enter the space in procession behind the coffin.


Then the artist, the ordained one, will lead them through physical, oral and spiritual prayers to the unicorn. Set to a multi layered choral track of speaking and hymns. All guests are encouraged to wear white, silver, holographic and gold clothing to celebrate the life of the unicorn. In a world where polarisation through media and digital formats is becoming increasingly common Zhukov’s main artistic endeavour has become to subvert this. Enshrining play, naivety and the fantastical enables the undermining of conventional templates for modern living.


The unicorn is a creature that, despite being marketed to young women and girls, is historically steeped in masculinity. Through her embodiment of the unicorn, Zhukov creates a compelling dialogue which explores the fraught duality of human nature; our potential to be both masculine and feminine and the essence of the concept of yin and yang, darkness and light.


Felice Zhukov is a London based artist. Recent exhibitions include UNIVULVA: Birth (2016) , Bow Arts Project Space, London; TUMBLR IRL: CAGE THE ELEPHANT, (2015) Studio 615, Nashville, USA and THE TROUBLE WITH PAINTING TODAY, (2014) Pumphouse Gallery, London.

funeral motif 2-felice zhukov - 2016 orig funeral motif 1-felice zhukov - 2016 orig

Funeral Motif 2, pen on paper, 2016

Funeral Motif 1, pen on paper, 2016