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Dolph van Eden        

Zanny Mellor            

Kath Van Uytrecht    

Mark Stokes              

David Schroeter        

Jo Fisher-Roberts    

Jenny Maxwell            

Noble People              

Daniel Rourke            

Sing London                

My Green Bag              

Jayson Haebich          

Oreet Ashery              

Richard Bowdon          

Kirstin Elliott              

Mooni Perry                

Safia el Dabi                

Daniel Chrichlow        

Timur Kim                      

Amy Pennington      

Mary Ruggeri            

Timothy Bouyez-Forge

TGCN Studio

Franziska Hatton

arebyte 2 and LASER have been enabled  with generous support and guidance from Outset: Studio Makers, General Projects and Arbeit Project.


Our mission is simple: to provide really affordable studio spaces in central London to those who need it most. By collaborating with developers we are able to offer ex-business premises at a discounted rate. The spaces are a bit rough around the edges but will be clean, safe and big. We also want to encourage collaboration between our studio users and to do this we are going to keep some spaces open. We hope that this will enable conversations to take place making exciting new things happen.


For studio availability see here

                                             STUDIO MEMBERS

                                               past and present

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